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The family of a ten-year-old from White Notley in Essex, are faced with having to find over two thousand pounds just so their son can have a comfortable chair – that’s more than the price of an average three piece suite.


The only place Jack Mayer can sit comfortably is in his wheelchair. Why? Because the hard chair provided by his statutory services left him crying in pain every time he sat in it – eventually, his mum had no choice other than to send it back. He desperately needs a specialist seat called a P Pod to allow him sit with his family, free from pain and discomfort.


Jack, who lives with his mum Liz and stepdad Mike, has Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, is registered blind and is unable to speak. Liz has to help him with every aspect of his life and as Jack is unable to move at all, he relies on her to change his position.


Mum Liz said: “We all know how it feels to be stuck in one position for too long, but when Jack’s wheelchair gets too uncomfortable for him to be in, the only other option is for him to lie on his bed – but this isolates him from the rest of the family. The P Pod would change everything – he would no longer be in pain and we can sit together in the evenings. ”


Because statutory services do not provide chairs for comfort and had already made provision of the functional chair that Jack found unbearable, Liz was faced with the difficult task of raising the necessary £2,112 needed to buy Jack his P Pod. In desperation, she turned to Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children to see if it could help.


Liz said: “It’s so frustrating – comfortable chairs aren’t seen as an essential item, so there is no help available. Families like us are faced with having to find thousands of pounds, just so their child can be comfortable. You don’t spend that on a three piece suite these days. It’s a nightmare.”


The charity would like to help Jack get his P Pod, but needs to raise the money needed to fund the cost of the chair.


Stephen Morgan, Head of Charity Operations at Newlife said: “We are calling on companies, groups and individuals locally to be a hero and donate to help Jack get the chair he needs so he can be comfortable and pain free.”


Right now, Newlife has 24 disabled and terminally ill children in Essex who are in need of specialist equipment and is looking for £36,710 to help them. Newlife has already supported 351 children in Essex and any funds raised above the amount needed to help Jack will be used to help another child in the county.


If you can help Jack or other disabled children in Essex, please fo to www.newlifecharity.co.uk/essex or email local@newlifecharity.co.uk. Telephone donations can be made by calling 01543 462777.


Stephen added. “We have dozens of applications every day and while we want to help as many children as we can, we do need help to do this. That is why we are appealing to local people in Essex to help Jack.”

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