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A four-year-old boy with Autism is missing out on spending quality time with his family – something all children should be able to enjoy – just because he doesn’t have the right kind of buggy. Newlife, the Charity for Disabled Children, are appealing for help in raising £630 to fund a specialist buggy that will let Dominic Carr spend time with his family in safety.

 Dominic, who lives in Braintree in Essex is unable to speak, has no awareness of danger and limited understanding of the world around him. He can find things very overwhelming and this can cause him to become very distressed to the point where he will head bang or try to run away from his parents.

 At the moment, the buggy that Dominic is using doesn’t provide him with the feeling of safety and security that he needs – so rather than put him in a situation that will distress him, his mum, Jamey, will stay at home with him while his dad, Matthew, will take his older brothers and sister out to football practice.

 Jamey said: “We really want Dominic to feel included in things his brothers and sister do and it would be lovely to take him to football so he can watch. But at the moment we are avoiding going out as a family because it is just too much for Dominic to cope with.”

Newlife would like to be able to help Dominic get the buggy he needs so that he can spend more quality time with his family, free from the trauma of distress, but needs to raise the money needed to fund it.

 Stephen Morgan, Head of Charity Operations at Newlife said: “We are calling on companies, groups and individuals locally to be a hero and donate to help Dominic get the buggy he needs so he can be comfortable and safe.”

 Stephen added. “We have dozens of applications every day and while we want to help as many children as we can, we do need help to do this. That is why we are appealing to local people in Essex to help Dominic.”


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