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Abbie Jones aged 13 from Kingswood, near Bristol, needs a power pack for her wheelchair. The current chair is simply too heavy to push and even worse on a slope, especially as her father, who is her main carer, suffers from chronic back pain. Despite having Cerebral Palsy and being unable to speak, she is very sociable and loves getting out and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. But as she grows, her world is becoming smaller. She desperately needs a power pack to fit to her wheelchair so she can get around more.

Abbie’s father, Nick, said: “Just like any other 13-year-old she loves to go out and about, but she is getting too heavy to push and there are hills wherever you go so it is limiting her quality of life.”

Nick asked his local statutory services for help, but they refused to fund the equipment Abbie needs, so he turned to Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children. The charity would like to help Abbie and they have £200 to pledge towards this, but need to raise the additional £599 to make this happen.

Stephen Morgan, Head of Operations at Newlife said: “We are calling on companies, groups and individuals locally to be a hero and donate to help Abbie get the equipment she needs to improve the quality of her and help her family too.”

If you can help Abbie or other disabled children in Gloucestershire please go to www.newlifecharity.co.uk/gloucestershire to make an online donation or call the Newlife team on 01543 462777 to make a card or cheque donation to help with fundraising. You can email the team at local@newlifecharity.co.uk

Newlife has already helped 136 children in the county, spending £174,173 and any funds raised over the amount needed to help Abbie will be used to help other children in the county.

Stephen added: “We have dozens of applications every day and while we want to help as many children as we can, we do need help to do this, hence this appeal to the people of Gloucestershire.”

We work together every day to make a difference and create a better future for disabled children.

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