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Being manually lifted in and out of his powered wheelchair when he was away from home in Leamington Spa was often very painful for 12-year-old Will Cleary – but now a portable hoist is helping to make life more comfortable.

Will says: “I can go anywhere I want now. We were hoping to go to Disneyland Paris next year and now we can. Thank you very much.”

Will has Spinal Muscular Atrophy - Type 2, a muscle-wasting condition that means he can’t stand or walk and needs support to sit. Spinal surgery has made any manual handling extremely painful so his family uses a ceiling track hoist at home to minimise this. But, says mum Stephanie Cleary, whenever Will was out of the house – for instance at his regular power chair football training sessions, visiting family and friends or on holiday – she would have to personally lift and move him, causing him pain.

Now – with funding from the Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel and Country Club in Meriden together with Leamington Spa-based Co-operative Energy – Newlife has been able to give Will a £2,025 portable hoist of his own.

Mum Stephanie says: “The new equipment is brilliant; it has such a smooth movement it’s like something out of James Bond. Will is relieved to have the new hoist; not only will it reduce the pain of being lifted but it will be more dignified for him, rather than being manhandled. It means we have freedom to go wherever we want to go. We are extremely grateful. Thank you very much.”

Pictured: Will Cleary

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