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Monday, October 5 marked the start of Hospice Care Week. At Newlife, we are committed to working in close collaboration with hospices around the country to ensure terminally ill children have the right equipment at the right time, as well as access to the services they need so families can enjoy precious time together.

We are constantly connected to the dedicated front line health and social care professionals within the UK, who are under increasing pressure to help more children, with less time and less funds. Many therefore rely on Newlife to help them to deliver the equipment a child needs that they cannot access from the statutory service budgets.

Newlife meets a child's urgent need to receive the right equipment at the right time. We act quickly, fast tracking the most urgent applications and making the difference between yet another night in hospital and being at home with family, free from pain and in safety. Newlife meets a child's urgent need to receive the right equipment at the right time.

At Newlife we recognise there are times when children with shortened life expectancy just can't wait for the equipment they need. There are also times when children are at risk of injury and need an emergency loan. In both of these situations Newlife's Just Can't Wait loans aim to get them the equipment they need within 72 hours.

Being able to have fun and play with our children is something many of us may take for granted - it's an experience that some of our families have yet to enjoy. But Newlife's Play Therapy Pods can open up a world that may otherwise be out of reach, allowing parents, brothers and sisters to play together, sometimes for the first time. Containing a selection of specialist toys, the pods help children to interact though play and make sense of their own feelings as well as distracting them from any pain and discomfort they may be experiencing.

No one can imagine the heartbreak of realising your child might not have a tomorrow and in those circumstances it's easy to concentrate on a child's medical needs. But at Newlife we recognise the importance of making memories that families can cherish always. Our Comfort Capsule service focuses on creating special moments in time which can be treasured forever.

Newlife knows that the children we serve have changing, and complex and specialist needs, so we don't limit the help or equipment we give, to just one occasion. The child's needs come first.













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We work together every day to make a difference and create a better future for disabled children.

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