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BatteryBack has kindly donated a battery tester to Newlife which will be used to test the batteries that are returned through our Play Therapy Pod service that loans specialist toys to disabled children.

Previously, Newlife recycled all of the batteries without knowing if they had been used or not but now with this device, the batteries can now be tested enabling Newlife to reuse the batteries that have not been drained of energy. BatteryBack will recycle any used batteries at no cost.

This approach is good news for the environment and good news for Newlife's finances as it reduces battery purchasing costs and allows vital funds to be used in other areas.

BatteryBack is the largest Battery Compliance Scheme in the UK and collects and recycles batteries on behalf of its members. It is a joint venture between Veolia and WasteCare.

Pictured (L to R): David Reynolds, General Manager at BatteryBack and Hall Henderson, Play Therapy Pod Facilitator at Newlife.


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