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How Newlife helped Luke

Grant Amount: £3,418

A popular teenager, Luke needs a powered wheelchair to move around because of weak muscles. However, thanks to Newlife supporters, he can enjoy standing and chatting with friends face to face after being given a standing frame.

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N Local Guarantee

Newlife Pledge

We know that local people want to help local children. Newlife therefore guarantees that every penny (100%) donated or raised in your chosen county will help provide vital equipment that will change the lives of local disabled children in your county. Not only do we guarantee this, we will tell all donors exactly how their donation or fundraising has made a difference to a local disabled child.

Together we can really change the lives of disabled children in your county.

How you can help a local child

Make a Donation

Help disabled and terminally ill children in Staffordshire.

Shop with Newlife

Visit one of our five stores for some genuine retail therapy.

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Fundraise for Newlife

Whether you volunteer your time, contacts, skills or enthusiasm you can be sure that supporting Newlife will give you the direct opportunity to help a disabled child.

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Newlife will support you to help local children

Please call 01543 431 444 or email us

Featured News Story


Posted July 2017

A new local 10k event is set to become an annual favourite, after 65 dedicated runners and walkers joined in to support local disabled children through Newlife charity. The inaugural event at beautiful Chasewater was organised...

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We receive around 20 new applications for help every day from families across the UK

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