Newlife exists because if it was your child, you would want the very best for them

To help disabled and terminally ill children in UK counties

Newlife provides essential equipment such as specialist beds, wheelchairs, communication aids, specialist seating, and sensory/therapy equipment to disabled and terminally ill children across the UK.

We need to find:

So we can help:
515 Children


These children (click on your county to see details) have either had their applications approved or have submitted full applications. Newlife needs to find the money to make grants to help as many of these children as possible.

Children Already Helped

Newlife has helped:
17,493 children


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We guarantee that, in this appeal, 100% of any gift will help fund equipment for disabled and terminally ill children, in the county you choose. Not a penny taken out for anything else.
Real help for real children. We will tell you who you have helped and how it has changed their life.

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Some children need equipment to stop their condition worsening, such as walking frames or postural seating aids. Others need equipment, such as wheelchairs or hoists, to improve their mobility and allow them to take part in a fuller life. Many need equipment such as special beds to relieve their pain or allow improved treatment or care. A significant number of children need equipment to protect them and keep them safe from injury.


We need individuals, clubs, societies, organisations, workplaces, companies, gyms, pubs and groups of friends to rally to the needs of local disabled children. Please have a look on your local county page and together we can change the life of a disabled child.

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Call: 01543 431 444