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Fabulous fundraisers at Central England Co-operative stores – including those across South Yorkshire – have set a new target of £1.5million to help local disabled and terminally ill children.

Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children has been Central England Co-operative’s staff-elected charity since May 2012. £1.2million has already been raised – helping to buy specialist equipment for more than 520 children across the retailer’s trading area – and now the partnership is being extended so more local families can benefit.

Central England Co-operative Chief Executive Martyn Cheatle said: “Our partnership with Newlife has been extremely successful. The dedication of the Society’s colleagues, members and customers has meant that we have been able to raise a significant amount of money and build a strong relationship along the way. As a community retailer and responsible business, it has been great to know that every penny raised as part of this charity campaign has gone to improve the lives of families in our trading area.”

Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children is the UK’s largest charity provider of specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illness. Newlife CEO Sheila Brown, OBE, added: “This has been an amazing partnership, helping us to support so many in urgent need. Without this level of support from Central England Co-operative some of these children would have gone without the equipment altogether and many more would have had to wait months or even years just for an assessment of their needs. I would like to thank everyone at Central England Co-operative for their renewed support, which will continue to make such a difference to young lives.”


Fabulous fundraisers at Central England Co-operative stores in South Yorkshire are helping a little boy from Barnsley travel in safety in the family car.

When three-year-old Jude Bostock was born he was a happy and healthy baby but from six months onwards his parents noticed delays; Jude had started to regress not being able to say certain words that he could before.

At Jude’s one year review the doctors confirmed his parents’ worries. Jude has an undiagnosed syndrome and will need to undergo testing until the condition is found. However, they have been told that this could take years. What was confirmed is that Jude has global developmental delay and because of his condition he cannot walk or talk, he has low muscle tone and very poor head control – Jude is also being tested for Autism.

Jude visited his Occupational Therapist as his parents were worried about his safety in his standard car seat, and they were told that the standard seat being used was dangerous for him because – in an accident – he could be at risk of breaking his neck due to his head flopping forward when he falls asleep in the car.

Dad Mark Bostock said: “We weren’t too pleased taking Jude out in the car seat before he was assessed because we knew he was not getting the right support – but after the assessment we became scared to take him anywhere! We avoided going out if it wasn’t necessary. When he had medical appointments we would worry about the car seat and if he would get there safely . . . it had become a big struggle.”

The car seat Jude needed cost £680 which was beyond the family budget so Jude’s mum Emma Bostock turned to Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children for help. The same year they were informed about Jude’s health, Mark was in a serious bike accident which resulted in him having his arm rebuilt and he is still awaiting more operations – because of this he is unable to work.

Mark added: “Before the accident I had never been out of work, I always provided for my family. So turning to Newlife was very hard for me but they were amazing from beginning to end. The car seat has been a god send – it’s completely changed our lives for the better, we do not worry as much because we know he is secure. What’s good is the car seat is adjustable so as Jude grows it can too.”

Now Jude has a specialist car seat with a five-point harness that enables him to travel in safety and comfort, giving him and his parents access his medical appointments and other activities with ease.

Iris Naylor Store Manager at Central England Co-operative’s Petrol Filling Station, Carlton Road, Barnsley said: “Central England Co-operative takes fundraising to help local communities very seriously, and we are committed to making a positive impact in the local areas in which we trade. Working with Newlife has provided a great opportunity for us to help make life easier for youngsters like Jude.”

To find out more about Newlife’s work in South Yorkshire, go to: The website includes contact details for the Newlife County Liaison Team – tel no 01543 431 444 or email – and shows specific ways people can help support children with disability and terminal illness and their families in the county.

For full details of Newlife Foundation’s range of practical support for disabled and terminally ill children and their families, call the Newlife Nurse Helpline – 0800 902 0095 (free from UK landlines and mobiles) – or go to:

Pictured: Jude Bostock