Give the Gift of Play this Christmas with Newlife Charity

Help us to change a child’s life through play this Christmas

A gift from you could mean that more disabled and terminally ill children experience the joy of play for the first time.

Our Play Therapy Pods are a package of specialist toys which we loan to families for 12 weeks.  Each pod can be customised to suit different ages and developmental needs, which is vital to help children develop key skills as well as distract from pain and help the whole family bond.

Play therapy pods - give the gift pf play

Will you help children like Gabriella experience the gift of play this Christmas?

Gabriella, aged two, was born with achondroplasia, often known as dwarfism.  This affects most aspects of her life and with shortened arms and legs and smaller hands, poor core and little neck control, this meant she could only hold her head up for short periods and made even playing difficult – until she received the right specialist toys from Newlife.

Gabriella and her Mum playing
Gabriella and her play Therapy Pod

Since receiving the specialist toys, Gabriella has been able to sit up properly by herself for the first time and even play with her older brothers, Ben, Alex, and Samuel.

Mum Laura said:

“The first time Gabriella sat up and played with Samuel, I cried. I think it was a mixture of relief and pure joy to see that she could sit and play like her peers. It was a very emotional moment for the whole family.”

“We have seen progress in development since having the pods, she has been able to match animals with what sound they make. Now that she can sit up by herself, the most recent pod has toys which are appropriate for her to sit and play with.”

The toys in our Play Therapy Pods can be just as life changing as the disability equipment we provide for children through grants and loans. Finding the right toys for a child to respond to can lead to developmental leaps, children reaching out for the first time, saying their first words and even playing with siblings for the first time such as Gabriella, creating magical memories many families never thought it would happen.

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Real Families who have our Play Therapy Pods


How your gift will make a difference


With your support, we can ensure that more children with disabilities and terminal illnesses can experience the joy of play for themselves.

Up to 70% of the families that we support are on low income or experiencing poverty, your gift means that we can distribute more specialist toys to children in need.

Each pod costs between £400-500, but is capable of helping a huge number of children. With your support, Newlife will continue to give the gift of play to more children throughout 2023 and beyond.


What are play therapy pods?


Newlife offers the free loan of specialist toys to families who have disabled and terminally ill children.

The Play Therapy Pods are self-contained and are delivered direct to the family’s door.

Children learn about the world around them through play, and families can often learn a lot about their child’s needs through use of specialist toys. They can also encourage learning, improve relaxation, give enjoyment and distract from pain.


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What are The Play therapy Pods?