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For nine-year-old Brandon Punshon a peaceful night’s sleep is something that dreams are made of. He was recently provided with a special bed by Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children, in the hopes that this would help him get a good night’s rest, but something still wasn’t quite right – so Newlife stepped in again.

The youngster from Coventry in Warwickshire has Cerebral Palsy as well as severe learning and communication difficulties and chronic lung disease so needs constant supervision. He was becoming increasingly frustrated by not being able to see out of his cot, expressing himself through extreme behaviours. Thanks to funds raised by Newlife Foundation, the largest charity funder of specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illness in the UK, he now has additional windows for his cot and new padding so he can feel safe and comfortable.

Mum, Danielle, said; “The new padding is a lot easier to keep clean so Brandon’s bed is a much more safe and hygienic atmosphere for him to sleep in. The windows are much larger so he can clearly see in to my room – seeing us, even when we are asleep, is a comfort to Brandon so he will settle himself rather than getting frustrated and banging around the bed. It’s much safer as well as he doesn’t try to climb out anymore because he can see us.

“He has a lot more energy now, because he is getting a good night’s sleep. He wants to do much more and is much more active – he has even taken a few steps on his own while he was at school. It has also been beneficial to our youngest son who is four – he and Brandon share a room and he was often being disturbed in the night by his brother – but now he is sleeping much better as well.” The Newlife Warwickshire Fund supports equipment provision for under-19s in the county in the area facing any significant disability, whether acquired through birth defect, prematurity, accident or illness. The website – enables local people to find out who needs help in the local area right now and highlights the support given to local families.

Newlife Foundation has already helped 189 children in the Warwickshire area through the Newlife Warwickshire fund, providing equipment worth £213,210. But more help is still needed – Newlife is currently working with seven families in the county who are waiting for equipment totalling £16,224 – and we need your help to get it to them.

For more information about the Newlife Warwickshire Fund, go to or email Or call the Newlife County Liaison Team on 01543 431444.

Pictured: Brandon Punshon