Active Medical Research

Below are the details of the ongoing research that Newlife is funding. We offer two types of grants – Full and Start Up.

Full Grants


Date Research Area Institution
07-Feb-2019 Gene Therapy Skin Disease & Netherton Syndrome Institute of Child Health UCL
07-Feb-2019 Microcephaly MRC Human Genetics Unit – Edinburgh
07-Feb-2019 MRI in Mircocephaly / Fetal MRI University of Sheffield
09-Feb-2018 Micro Syndrome University of Leeds
09-Feb-2018 PAX6 and Eye Malformations University of Edinburgh
09-Feb-2018 Skull Treatment Newlife Birth Defects Centre – London
09-Feb-2018 Understanding Genetic Mutations University of Oxford
03-Feb-2017 Autism – Discovery of new gene (KPTN) as cause of Autism University of Exeter Medical School
03-Feb-2017 Spina Bifida – Searching for New Genes in Spina Bifida University College London Hospitals NHS
03-Feb-2017 Understanding the Developmental Delay in Kabuki Syndrome St Mary’s Hospital – Manchester
03-Feb-2017 Ushers Syndrome – Stem Cell therapy for Ushers Syndrome Newlife Birth Defects Centre – London
21-Jan-2016 Bladder Exstrophy St Mary’s Hospital – Manchester

Start Up Grants


Date Research Area Institution
29-Mar-2019 Disease modelling of the rare genetic bone disorder, Hajdu-Cheney Syndrome, Using pluripotent cells and drug repurposing. Kings College London
29-Mar-2019 Exploring FGF-21 As a Potential Treatment of Mitochondrial disease – University of Oxford
29-Mar-2019 Novel Candidate genes underlying autosomal recessive neurodevelopmental disorders with intellectual disability St George’s Hospital – London
09-Mar-2018 Chromosome Division – Chromosome Abnormalities, Downs Syndrome University of Bristol
09-Mar-2018 Developing a new technique for MRI imaging in skull malformations – Craniosynostosis; hemifacial microsomia; MRI scanning Addenbrookes Hospital University of Cambridge
09-Mar-2018 Genetic Predisposition to Fetal CMV infection – Deafness; Intrauterine infection; CMV University College Hospital – London
09-Mar-2018 Genetics of Hirschsprung Disease University of Oxford
09-Mar-2018 Stem cell investigation of cerebellar development – Cerebellar malformation; brain malformation; stem cell Newlife Birth Defects Centre – London
09-Mar-2018 Surgical outcome in Hirschsprungs disease – Hirschsprung�s disease ; surgical outcome University of Oxford
19-Dec-2017 Osteogenesis Imperfecta University of Sheffield
22-Mar-2017 Congenital Heart Disease – Exosome signalling in Heart Development Liverpool John Moores University
16-Mar-2016 Lung Malformation Registry University of Southampton
16-Mar-2016 Weidmann-Steiner Syndrome – The WiSH Study Great Ormond Street Hospital – London
25-Mar-2015 Neurofibromatosis – Gene Splicing in Neurofibromatosis University of Southampton
21-Oct-2014 Club Foot – Club Foot Abnormalities & Quality of life study Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust