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Aggreko staff sparkle for disabled children

Staff at Aggreko’s Cannock office have raised over £600 towards Newlife’s Play Therapy Pod service. Aggreko’s fantastic fundraising will help children and families play together, which contributes to children’s physical, social and cognitive development.

In the final week of September Aggreko staff hosted one of Newlife’s unique Sparkle Parties, selling brand-new de-labelled jewellery donated by high street retailers. Alongside a raffle the week ended with staff wearing sparkly outfits and make-up and celebrating beating their £400 target to fund a Pod of specialist toys.

Newlife loan out the Pods free of charge for up to 12 weeks at a time. We recognise and understand the power of play and the impact it can have on a child’s development. Specialist toys can be very expensive and often end up being much further down the priority list than the vital equipment a disabled or terminally ill child needs. The right toys can encourage learning, improve relaxation and help to distract from pain and specific behaviours as well as giving a child the chance to enjoy playtime.

If you would like to run a sparkle party to raise vital funds for toys or equipment for disabled children please contact the fundraising team on 01543 431444.