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A profoundly Autistic eight-year-old from Undy will be left housebound unless his family can raise £2,725 for a specialist buggy.

Coby Stafford’s parents, Ian and Tracy have fundraised tirelessly for a local Autism activity club, and are now in desperate need themselves, having been told by an Occupational Therapist that Wheelchair Services isn’t able to offer the type of buggy Coby needs.

Tracy started Ready Steady Go Activity Club due to a lack of suitable playgroups for her son, who also has a chromosomal abnormality that is entirely unique to him. But Coby is now at risk of being unable to spend quality time with his family, away from the confines of their home. There aren’t many places the family can go that are suitable for Coby’s sensory needs and without a specialist buggy to keep him safe, he and his family will be trapped inside. Now, to add to their worry, Coby has started having seizures which are under investigation, so the need for a suitable buggy is even more urgent.

Mum, Tracy, said: “Coby is severely Autistic and has hypermobility as well as limited speech – but he is a happy, vibrant, strong willed little boy who is loved by so many. We have been using a buggy to get him out of the house for a long time – his hypermobility causes him pain and means he tires easily, and there is always a risk to him because he has no understanding of danger – but he has now outgrown this.

“The only option Wheelchair Services could offer was a wheelchair – but this just isn’t appropriate for Coby’s needs. Without a suitable buggy we will be cut off from accessing the outside world.”

In desperation, Tracy and Ian turned to Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children for help.

Newlife’s Senior Manager for Care Services, Carrick Brown, said: “We would love to be able to help Coby and his family by getting him the buggy he needs, but we simply don’t have the funds today – so we are appealing to the community for help.”

Including Coby, Newlife has 22 children in Wales who are currently waiting for equipment costing £45,264.

Anyone who is able to help Coby should urgently contact Newlife on 01543 431 444, visit the website at or email

Money raised above the amount needed for Coby’s buggy will be used to help other disabled and terminally ill children in need in Wales.