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A Cotham teenager will fly 4,490 miles to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world and raise funds for a charity that helped one of her best friends.

It will be rainy season when Anna Sutton, 19, arrives in Tanzania for her eight-day hike, not a popular time for hikers making the trip to the 19,336 ft (5,895mtrs) high trek, but the Bristol youngster will not be deterred in her quest which commences on April 18. She insists she is ready for altitude sickness on the way up and flu like symptoms that apparently disappear on the way down.

After the climb most folks head for a beach or at least a swimming pool, but Anna will make her way to Ghana for a voluntary teaching role.

Anna explained that all monies raised will go to UK disability charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children, which helps under-19s with disabilities and terminal illness. That is because of the help her very good friend, 18-year-old Marchant Barron, who has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, received from the charity.

“Marchant was provided with a walker chair by Newlife, that made a big difference to his everyday life,” she said. “He was able to walk the last 100yds with me in the Bristol 10k.”

Anna’s friend has also been provided with a hi-tech wheelchair by Newlife, the UK’s largest charity funder of children’s specialist disability equipment supporting thousands of families. It is the UK’s only national emergency equipment service, for children with terminal illness.

Stephen Morgan, Newlife Head of Operations, said: “With the recent launch of the Newlife Local Funds, people like Anna Sutton are assured that their efforts will be helping local families. Demand on our range of practical support services is up 25 per cent across the UK, and local fundraising events like Anna’s climb up Kilimanjaro are key to Newlife being able to continue to support local families.”

For more information about Newlife’s Local fundraising pledge go to and click on your county area on the map.

If you are able to support Anna’s fundraising please send donations directly to her page:

Pictured: Anna Sutton