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A brain injury at birth resulted in Cerebral Palsy and seizures for Adam Salt, from Hasland in Chesterfield. He relies on specialist seating to support his weak muscles and so he can sit comfortably.

When the severely disabled ten-year-old outgrew his old seating, his family feared for his care as he is fed and receives medication through a tube into his tummy. Now Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children has stepped in to provide a larger, replacement moulded seat – at a cost of £1,823.

Mum Kerry Salt said: “This equipment is brilliant for Adam and it has made a big difference to him and us. The new seat is a double mould, so as he grows the inner one can be removed to give him more room. Hopefully this will last him for several years to come.

“With cutbacks at the moment, lots of children like Adam wouldn’t have the equipment they need without Newlife. Being comfortable is a huge thing to a child when they have disabilities and can’t be underestimated. In many cases it helps prevent further medical issues later on.”

Newlife has helped 422 children in Derbyshire raising the £355,815 the children needed, but Newlife Charity Head of Operations Stephen Morgan explained: “Right now we have 15 children in Derbyshire who need help so we need to find £6,000 to make this possible.”

Mr Morgan added: “Across the UK, disabled and terminally ill children suffer avoidable pain and worsening conditions when they can’t get the right equipment at the right time – no child should have to endure this. Newlife comes to the rescue, we back families, we save and change lives and we do it across the UK, every day. However, Newlife can’t do this alone. Please help us to help out disabled and terminally ill children.”

To find out how you can support Newlife and other children like Adam, go to or email for more information. Know that every penny you give will genuinely be used in Derbyshire to save and change young lives.

Pictured: Adam Salt