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Three-year-old Benjamin’s spine is gradually twisting so lack of postural support in the family car meant he was in pain every time he went out.

Not only was he uncomfortable, slumped in a mainstream car seat, but it didn’t keep Benjamin – whose nickname is Houdini – safe either as he has hyper-mobile joints and can wriggle out of the tightest spaces.

Mum Stephanie said: “In every aspect of Benj’s life we are trying to slow down the pace of the scoliosis to help give him as much time as we can.” His spinal problem is just part of his complex condition which includes a genetic disorder, Noonan’s Syndrome, which affects his heart and has resulted in several stomach surgeries.

A specialist car seat – costing £2,578 – is now keeping him more comfortable and safe. “I know it’s just a car seat – but it’s changed our lives!” says Stephanie.

The equipment has a swivel base so Stephanie can get Benj in and out of the car more easily; crucially, it has significant additional padding and supports to keep him in an upright position and a specialist safety harness so he can’t get out without assistance.

Stephanie said: “Benj is much more comfortable and really, really happy in it. So happy and comfortable, in fact, that he hasn’t even tried to get out! The new equipment is making journeys comfier for Benj and safer for everyone in the family. The car is used every single day on the school run with his five-year-old brother Jacob and for regular medical appointments and hospital visits, not to mention everyday journeys like to the supermarket or to visit my mum.”

Stephanie added: “Benj is our little miracle – his surgeons think he is absolutely amazing, due to his progress.”

Pictured: Benjamin Newton