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Free Packs for Cannock Schools

Schools in the Cannock area can pick up a free pack of goodies for their pupils, thanks to the Newlife Foundation recycling operation in the town’s Hemlock Way. Newlife Trading Operations Director Mr Colin Brown says: “We have been offered a large selection of office, school and home desktop goods and have decided to help our local schools by offering them a free pack. There will also be massive discounts on further purchases of this stock. We hope this will help relieve school budgets in these trying times.” The wide range of goods includes pens, pencils, ringbinders, clipboards, hole punches, highlighters and high visibility jackets. All have been donated by a leading manufacturer. The charity, which supports disabled and terminally ill children, already runs a successful ‘Newlife Art’ project which supplies, at very low cost, materials such as beads and fabrics to schools and colleges at massively reduced rates. This gives children and young people the chance to experiment and experience materials they wouldn’t normally have access to due to the cost. Keen to help other local charities, Colin added: “Local voluntary groups may also be able to take advantage of this discounted offer as well. We know times are hard for many organisations so it’s nice to be able to spread a little good news in the current economic climate.” Any local schools interested in receiving a free pack or would like further information about the goods available for school order, should contact Jenny on 01543 468888 during normal office hours. Voluntary groups can do the same.

The supplies, which are also ideal for the home or small businesses, will be on sale in the Newlife at Home store in Hemlock Way .

Pictured: Jenny Grantham, with a selection of the goods available. 

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