Scarlett’s Story

22-month-old Scarlett was born with Cerebral Palsy and can’t sit up by herself or hold up her own head. She also has muscle spasms and seizures every day.

In her high-street buggy Scarlett was not supported enough to sit up properly and her head would flop forwards, she would fall to the side and slump in the seat. It just wasn’t safe at all for Scarlett, especially if her head fell forwards while she had a seizure. She was very uncomfortable and would get upset and distressed, making it difficult for her to go out with her family – even just for a walk. Leaving the house was simply too difficult and upsetting for Scarlett.

Newlife stepped in to help the family and provided Scarlett with a specialist buggy allowing her to do the simple things, like go to appointments and nursery, safely and comfortably. Scarlett’s mum, Alicia, said: “The specialist buggy from Newlife has made such a huge difference to our lives. We’re so thankful to Newlife, I don’t know what we would have done without their help.”

How your gift will help disabled children across the UK

Today, Newlife has over 200 children across the UK waiting to receive life-changing specialist equipment. This vital equipment can help ensure children remain safe and secure, independent and the ability to fulfill their potential. Your gift this Christmas will help ensure as many children as possible receive the equipment they need and deserve.

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