How the Newlife Helpline became our lifeline

When I picked up the phone to call Newlife’s free national Helpline, a specialist Nurse was at the end of the phone to provide the support and guidance we so desperately needed.

Our daughter, Harper, is five-years-old and has an undiagnosed genetic condition which means her brain has stopped growing, leaving her with severely impaired vision and experiencing seizures. We have been told these will become progressively worse as she grows older. Harper is non-verbal and, although she beat the odds to be able to walk on her own, she often uses a wheelchair to get around as she tires easily.

Myself and Harper’s dad, Steve, were shocked to discover that Harper has a rare bowel disease and were devastated that she would have to undergo more tests and major surgery. When we received the news, Harper’s four year old sister, Raine, was recovering from her eighth operation. Raine also has complex health issues. We were emotionally and physically exhausted and didn’t know where to turn for support.

Then a friend suggested contacting Newlife, and it’s the best thing we could’ve done.

The Nurse we spoke to was so sympathetic and calming – she could hear in my voice I needed someone to talk to. She helped us to find a structured path to go down and think through how to deal with Harper’s diagnosis. She understood how essential the bed would be for all our wellbeing, particularly after the shock of the diagnosis. When I put the phone down I just felt so much lighter.

We are so grateful to Newlife’s Helpline and the delivery of a specialist bed from their Equipment Grant Service. Harper can now sleep safely and in comfort, there are no more tears or sleepless nights. We all get a good night’s sleep meaning I can care for the girls and my husband can go to work without being exhausted.

We can’t thank the Nurses on the helpline enough – they’ve even kept in touch to see how we are getting on. It’s an amazing service!

I am truly grateful to everyone who supports Newlife. Without your support Newlife just wouldn’t be able to provide the services that it does. Donations, big and small, make a huge difference and ensure they can continue to be there for families in the future.

Caroline Goodman
Mum to Harper, Raine and Hettie

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