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Mum Nadia Asif from Burslem is full of praise for our Newlife nurses.

She contacted the Newlife Nurse Helpline when her son Ibrahim, aged five, needed a specialist car seat. Ibrahim has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and delayed development which can result in some challenging behaviours, especially when he is bored or tired. He would get out of his old car seat and move around the vehicle.

Nadia said: “I like the Newlife service so much. Usually when you approach an organisation for support you feel as if you are being interrogated. My experience with Newlife was much different. I chatted to one of the nurses and everything was very relaxed. We normally have to go through so much to get any help at all that this was a real change. How you get help can be almost as important as actually getting the help for families like ours.”

Newlife moved swiftly to provide a specialist car seat – costing £599 – for Ibrahim. Nadia said: “We call it his ‘king’s seat’ and the moment he saw it he liked it.”

Now, whatever the length of journey, Ibrahim is comfortable in the larger seat and kept secure by a five-point harness.

Nadia said: “Ibrahim doesn’t sleep well. He keeps himself awake and then he is in a really bad mood and throws tantrums. If he was like this he would get out of his old car seat. Now he realises he can’t get out so he has stopped trying.

“Our longest journey is to visit family in Brighton. Previously it had always been a difficult journey. We have been again since we have had the new seat and I really enjoyed it because I was able to relax.”

Pictured: Ibrahim Asif