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The Clinigen Group based in Burton-on-Trent has kindly donated £1000 to Cannock based charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. The funds were raised at the company’s annual golf day where every year a certain amount is put aside to be donated to a chosen charity.

The funds will go towards Newlifes free service for families with terminally ill children – Comfort Capsules ensure families can enjoy precious time together enabling them to create special memories that will last.

Mandy Tribe Executive Assistant at Clinigen said: “We chose to donate to Newlife’s Comfort Capsule service because it resonates with what we do at Clinigen.”

Newlife Foundation is the UK’s largest charitable provider of essential equipment to meet the specialist needs of children with disabilities and terminal illness.

The Comfort Capsules provide free, practical equipment that can have a therapeutic effect on a child’s quality of life and subsequently provide support to the family as a whole. Often when a child is diagnosed as being terminally ill, the medical needs can overshadow the holistic needs of the family who have precious little time in order to build memories they can treasure for ever.

David Reeves the Regional Fundraising and Awareness Manager at Newlife said: “Without the support of organisations like Clinigen funding Newlife Comfort Capsules, precious opportunities to create treasured memories with a life-limited child may be lost. Thanks to Clinigen, we know that families undergoing the most difficult and challenging time can remember positive moments with their child.”

Each Comfort Capsule contains items which can help to support the whole family, such as a soft, comfortable blanket, supportive V-pillow, memory print maker, camera and digital photo frame, portable DVD player – giving families the ability to make and preserve memories for years to come.

The Comfort Capsule, its delivery and collection is all completely free and while some items remain with the family, other items can be returned so they can be refurbished and serviced for the benefit of another family.

The website includes contact details for the Newlife County Liaison Team – tel no 01543 431 444 or email – and shows specific ways people can help support children with disability and terminal illness and their families in the county.