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The Newlife Opportunity Centre has relocated and opened its doors for the first time this week, to the acclaim of volunteers of all backgrounds, abilities and ages.

The centre has moved from the original main site in Hemlock Way to live within the brand new Newlife Market Place store across the road.

The site is wheelchair friendly and Newlife welcomes volunteers whether they want to make a regular commitment or just come when they can. The purpose built environment gives all volunteers the chance to help the charity, socialise and get a super Newlife discount.

Newlife’s new National Volunteer Manager Kevin Lowe says: “We want to hear from anyone who can give just two hours to take a ‘Taster Test’ and see if they enjoy helping in the new centre. We always have the kettle on and a biscuit on offer in our very friendly centre, so whether it’s just you, or a team of people would like to volunteer, there is no obligation – just give it a try and play a part in helping disabled children.”

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