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A national children’s charity is appealing to kind-hearted Derbyshire people to help give a disabled three-year-old girl more independence.

Ella Morley from Derbyshire, has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk. She uses a manual wheelchair but it is now too heavy for her to use to push herself around.

Now Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children is hoping to purchase a £2,886 lightweight wheelchair to allow her the freedom she craves but is asking people in Derbyshire to help.

Ella’s mum Lucy Kalis, who is her full-time carer, said: “Ella’s condition primarily affects her right side, which is weaker than her left, which means she really needs a lightweight wheelchair. She’s at that age where she wants a bit more independence and having the chair will give her an opportunity to push herself around. Her current chair is far too heavy which means she’s not able to do half of the things she’d like to.”

Lucy says she approached Derbyshire Wheelchair Services to fund the lightweight chair but was refused. She is not pleased about the situation and so turned to Newlife for help.

Newlife CEO Sheila Brown said: “Equipment ‘enables’. It can mean the difference between comfort and pain, engagement or isolation, freedom or a worsening condition. Therefore, our equipment grants are vital to so many children, offering practical support to families. Equipment can range from beds and wheelchairs to specialist seating and communication aids. Equipment costing from hundreds to several thousands of pounds really can revolutionise a child like Ella’s life.”

Newlife is currently looking to help seven children in Derbyshire and needs to raise £16,763 to do this. In the past it has awarded 86 grants in Derbyshire at a value of £116,163.

Any individual or organisation thinking of running a fundraising event is asked to contact the community fundraising team, who can offer support and guidance on freefone 0800 9884640.

Newlife is able to guarantee that 100 per cent of gifts and donations will go directly towards providing specialist equipment for children in need. This is possible because the charity operates its own trading company, which exists purely to support the aims of Newlife Foundation and covers all administration costs.

Any monies raised in excess of that needed for Ella will go to help other disabled children in the Derbyshire area.

Anyone who wants to supply equipment directly to the family, please contact Newlife.

Pictured: Ella Morley.

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