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Midlands Co-operative Society is helping to spread the Newlife message by branding up two of its chilled foods distribution lorries with the charity’s logo.

The vehicles, based at the organisation’s Leicester distribution centre, will be criss-crossing the Midlands on a daily basis so don’t be surprised if you see one of them in your area. The lorries bear the message ‘Midlands Co-operative supports Newlife, helping disabled children’.

The branding supports Midlands Co-operative’s two-year charity partnership with Newlife. Since May 2012 the charity has received more than £86,000 raised through a range of activities including in-store promotions and staff members’ individual events and challenges. These include sponsored skydives and half-marathons, musical productions and coffee mornings.

Newlife CEO Sheila Brown, OBE, said: “We are delighted to be Midlands Co-operative’s staff-elected charity and the branding of these lorries is the latest way in which the organisation is demonstrating its continued support of disabled and terminally ill children in its trading area. We hope this will encourage families who are in real need of our services to get in touch and inspire people to fundraise or donate, helping us to help those in real need.”

Robin Farrell, Head of Distribution for Midlands Co-operative Society, said: “The retail distribution team are proud to have two of its vehicles out on the roads supporting the Society’s corporate charity. We cover a vast area of the Midlands so raising awareness of this worthwhile charity while we are delivering products to our stores is fantastic.”

Pictured: Newlife CEO Sheila Brown, centre, with Midlands Co-operative’s Transport Manager Steve Johnson, left, and Head of Distribution Robin Farrell.

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