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Newlife Services Manager Carrick Brown took part in a debate about waiting times for condition diagnoses on the BBC Radio WM breakfast show on Wednesday 18 February.

The programme highlighted a recent report by Dr Karen Horridge, chair of the British Academy of Childhood Disability. She surveyed the work of those childhood development teams across the UK working specifically with disabled children and discovered that a majority reported delays in diagnosis.

Joining the debate was parent Rebecca Baker from Quarry Bank in the West Midlands. Rebecca’s son Jake, aged three, does not have a formal diagnosis for his complex condition, which means the family is not able to easily access the support they need.

Newlife, which does not require a child to have a formal diagnosis to offer help, is supporting the Baker family through provision of a specialist cot bed – at a cost of more than £6,000 – to keep Jake safe at night.

Rebecca said: “I waited eight months while local statutory services considered providing a bed for Jake, only to eventually be told ‘no’. Newlife, however, has been brilliant, responding really quickly to his complex needs. That is a huge weight off my shoulders, because a lot of support organisations will not help unless we get that formal diagnosis.”

To listen to the recording, click here