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Newlife to introduce peel2save fundraising cards in cannock

Newlife will be introducing Peel2Save fundraising cards for the Cannock area which will soon be available in the Newlife Foundation trading store in Hemlock Way. The cards will offer fantastic local savings whilst helping raise money for disabled and terminally ill children.

The credit card-sized Peel2Save cards cost £10 each to buy, £5 of which will go directly to Newlife Foundation and 100% of which the charity can guarantee will go to help children in need. Each card contains 64 peel-off coupons containing offers from 19 local companies – the value of offers exceeding £300. Cards are valid for 12 months. Money off is available in local restaurants, hairdressers, golf courses, beauty treatments, florists and taxis to name a few.

Newlife CEO, Sheila Brown OBE, said: “This is a win-win-win situation! We can help more children in need, customers can benefit from great savings and local businesses are supported.”

At the recent launch, Darrell Mawle of Peel2Save said: “We are delighted that Newlife is supporting this as the biggest charity in Cannock. We are pleased to be presenting a cheque to them and hope this is the start of more funding for disabled children. Peel2Save is a fantastic idea that has worked well in the USA for many years. It’s a real community initiative and anyone who buys a card will soon recoup their money as well as having raised £5 for Newlife.”






Pictured: Stephen Morgan accepting a cheque on behalf of Newlife from Darrell Mawle of Peel2Save.