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Newlife’s Roll n Stroll Postponed.

A sponsored ‘Roll ‘n’ Stroll’ event for wheelchair users and walkers in Painshill Park, Surrey, set to go ahead on Sunday 15 May has been postponed and plans to reschedule are under way.

The event – to raise funds for leading children’s disability charity Newlife Foundation – was due to take place at the Cobham park this weekend. The sponsored 2.5 mile run or 1.5 mile roll for wheelchair users/stroll for walkers is now due to take place later in the year; a date will be announced shortly.

Currently, the Newlife Foundation is working with the families of four children in Surrey who need £2,700 for powered wheelchairs, specialist mobility aids and other essential equipment. Newlife has already helped 94 children in Surrey, at a cost of 196,383.30. Since Newlife started providing equipment grants in 2004, a total of £6.1m has been spent helping 4,200 children nationwide.

Newlife CEO, Sheila Brown, OBE said: “It is disappointing to have to announce the postponement, but by rescheduling the event Newlife hopes to attract additional support – which will, in turn, mean more funds to help those children in need in the county.”

For any queries, please call Newlife community fundraiser Amy Weiser on 01543 462 777.



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