Newlife Partners

Together we will make life better, for the children and families we serve.

‘Making it Better’ Newlife works with a range of partners across the UK. These could be companies or organisations but each unique partnership is based on individual needs; in particular we want to recognise and thank those who:

  • Make significant financial contributions to our work which we truly appreciate and honour.
  • Donate products to us to recycle/re-use to raise vital funds. These wonderful and caring partners help protect the environment and support the children and families we serve.
  • Work with us to successfully further our aims or provide key services.

All our partners know that by working together, we really will change the lives of thousands of disabled and terminally ill children and they know they are helping families too.


For this support – we are truly grateful.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the partners shown below and also to those who have chosen not to be listed here, but who are making a difference to the children and families we serve, through their support.

Want to join these partners? Whether you are a company, organisation or trust, we want to help you to change the life and the life experience, of real children in need, across the UK. Email
[email protected]