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Talented students at 13 Performing Arts School in Manchester donated £500 from fundraising as part of its annual presentation day.

The students helped out on various stalls selling refreshments and jewellery, as well as holding a raffle to raise money to help children with disabilities or terminal illness in Greater Manchester, including Courtney Ward who currently needs an FM system.

Principal Lauren Shippey and her partner Jack P Shepherd, who teaches drama at the school, said: “We heard Courtney’s story and when we looked into things further, we realised there are 100’s of children all over Greater Manchester who need help to fund equipment to give them a better quality of life, we wanted to do something.

So with the help of our students and parents we arranged a fundraising day with various stalls and games. This was a lovely day to see everyone working together to give something back to our local community and help fund equipment that these children so desperately need to enable them to do the things we take for granted. We are looking forward to helping Newlife again in the future.”

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