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Professor Honours Local Volunteers

Local volunteers who support Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children were given special awards to honour their hard work, at an event held on Tuesday, 13 December 2011 at The Barns, Cannock.

The awards were presented by one of the country’s leading child health medical researchers, and Newlife trustee, London-based Professor Michael Patton. He gave a presentation on the successes of Newlife’s research programme over the past 20 years.

Volunteers from Cannock and the surrounding area attended and were thanked for raising hundreds of thousands of pounds which has helped the charity to fund research, to provide equipment to disabled children and to fund the National Nurse Helpline.

Speaking at the event, Professor Patton said: “None of the children Newlife helped could have benefited without the support of people like these local volunteers and I am delighted to honour their achievements.”

Awards were presented to: Carol Edwards, Jacqui Grey, Sandra Wallbank, Jodie Grimley, Heather and Brian Aldred, Carol Garnett, Pat Bates and the charity’s oldest volunteer, Marjorie Mansell, who at 86 is still volunteering every week in the Newlife Superstore.

Further awards will be presented to other local volunteers in the new year, launching the start of Newlife’s 21st anniversary year.

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