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A member of staff at Cannock based Briggs Equipment, Rose Langley, has smashed her fundraising target for Newlife with six running challenges in six months.

As a new mum, Rose heard about Newlife and recognised that any child and their family might need help from the charity at any point. Although she set a target of £500, she went on to raise an incredible £2,236.50 between April and October this year. The running challenges included the Birmingham 10k, a four mile virtual run, the Sutton Coldfield 8.5 miles, a 25k virtual run, Newlife’s own Cannock Chase 10k and the Sandwell Valley 5k.

Rose said: “I’m now pleased to say my challenge is complete and all monies collected. Albeit daunting to start with, I’m so pleased I decided to challenge myself, and for a great cause.

“I covered just over 70km during the actual events, and with training I achieved 277km in total, over the whole challenge. I want to also recognise that my total was boosted by a charity car boot sale, so a big special thank you to Angela Smith & Jenny Gould for their help. Thanks to everyone for sponsorship, car boot donations and general encouragement throughout.”

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