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Soroptimists Raise Vital Funds For Disabled Child

Kind hearted Soroptimists have donated £500 to help change the life of a disabled child. Fundraisers have pledged £500 towards funding essential equipment for six-year-old Hednesford child Jake Parker, who has a condition that impacts his learning ability, speech and the way he walks. But thanks to the Soroptimists Jake now has a specialist magnetic travel harness which allows him to travel safely when in cars. Jake’s mum Mandy Parker, who is his main carer, says: “Before Jake got his harness it was a real nightmare for us. We couldn’t go for a family drive with both his dad and I in the front of the car because Jake would undo the other seat belt and try to open the car door, which was a danger to himself and others. Now that he has this harness it makes it easy for us to enjoy family trips out as we know he is safe. We are very thankful to Newlife Foundation for helping us.” Jake was born with Fragile X syndrome with associated learning difficulties which means he has no sense of danger. He can walk unaided but uses a wheelchair when outside. Past president of Cannock and District Soroptimists Dr Janis Lomas says: “We have supported Newlife in various ways for many years and it is one of our favourite charities because of the work it does. The local women who are part of this group wanted to support Newlife and so we did so for the whole year. It makes a real difference to us when we see a child using a piece of equipment that will help them so much.” Newlife Foundation CEO Sheila Brown OBE says: “This is a fantastic achievement and very encouraging to see the efforts of the Soroptimists improving the lives of disabled children within the local community. We are very grateful to everyone involved, and would encourage other groups and individuals to keep fundraising for other disabled children in Staffordshire.” Newlife Foundation still needs £18,791.51 to help 14 children in Staffordshire and is urgently appealing for money for essential medical equipment. For further information on Newlife Foundation, or how to get involved, see, or contact Rachel Thomas on 07974348993 or email for details. Picture caption: Dr Janis Lomas from Cannock and District Soroptimists with Jake Parker, who is wearing his new harness.