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Newlife is adding an exciting new connective touch sound kit to its range of free Play Therapy Pods to help disabled children across the UK learn and develop new skills.

The Exploring Sounds Play Therapy Pod will now contain Playtronica, the connective touch sound kit, which uses play to create sounds with conductive materials, so simple human touch can be transformed into different sounds.

The Playtronica sound kit, which won product of the year at the International Sound Awards 2020 and often used in the music industry, can stimulate learning through sound for disabled children, helping to enhance interaction with others as parents and carers can share the magical experience of creating sound together. All that’s needed is a PC, tablet, or smartphone, as well as the Playtronica device and objects with conductive surfaces.

The Exploring Sounds Play Therapy Pod is just one of five different pods within the Explorer Pod section, aimed at children over the age of five. Other Play Therapy Pods available from Newlife include a Sensory Pod suitable from birth, a range of five Adventure Pods suitable from 18 months and five different Discovery Pods aimed at children over the age of three.

Each pod is packed with specific specialist toys and is loaned free of charge to families for 12 weeks, giving families the chance to explore which of the toys their child responds to most.

Carrick Brown, head of Child and Family Support, said: “It’s a real boost to our Exploring Sounds therapy pods and a great addition to the range of specialist musical toys. Newlife is very excited about the application of Playtronica as it makes creating sounds accessible for everyone and can really help a child’s development in areas such as physical, cognitive and communication skills.

“We are constantly evolving our range of Play Therapy Pods and we have worked closely with experts to create a variety of pods to suit the different needs of children with disabilities and the whole range of pods have proved extremely successful, not only helping children to develop or maintain skills, but even helping children play for the first time.”

Throughout lockdown Play Therapy Pods proved invaluable in helping children develop fine motor skills, coordination, range of motion and balance as well as problem solving skills, it is also a key part of maintaining physical and mental health and reducing stress – which became particularly important when most opportunities to even play or socialise with other children disappeared overnight.

Carrick added: “After a difficult year for everyone our services are needed now needed more than ever and we are doing everything possible to provide the services we know are so vital – and make it as easy as possible for families to access Newlife’s services. We are still right here when families need us most and will carry on providing and delivering.”