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Holly Welchman-Booth is a very active 12-year-old, but she has a brain condition which means she has absolutely no awareness of danger. She had grown too big for her specialist high-sided bed and was at risk of falling over the sides.

Mum Jane Welchman, from Retford in Nottinghamshire, asked local statutory services for a replacement bed suitable for a 12-year-old – but instead they offered a ‘safe room’, which wouldn’t meet her needs*.

Concerned for Holly’s future safety, Holly’s occupational therapist contacted Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children which has supported the family in the past.

Holly has a complex condition including epilepsy – so Newlife acted quickly, providing an Emergency Equipment Loan of an appropriate high-sided safety bed.

Jane said: “Holly loves the loan bed and is so comfortable in it – she settled into it straight away. She doesn’t understand the difference between night and day, but she does know that going into the bed means it’s time to sleep, rather than time to play.”

And that means peace of mind – and a restful night’s sleep – for Jane, so she can ‘recharge her batteries’ ready for another action-packed day with Holly.

Newlife has helped 469 disabled and terminally ill children in Nottinghamshire and right now the charity is working with another nine families in the county, with equipment needs totalling £270.

Newlife’s Head of Charity Operations Stephen Morgan said: “It’s great we could help Holly, but now we need to find funds to help the other Nottinghamshire children. So we are appealing to individuals, groups, clubs and companies to help us help them. To find out how you can help a local disabled child go to:

Alternatively, contact Suzie on 01543 462777 or email

Know that every penny you give will be used to provide specialist equipment to help change young lives.

Additional information:

*When mum Jane approached local statutory services, they offered a ‘safe room’ for Holly. Mum Jane says: “Holly functions through routines and knows that going into a special sleeping space means she should do just that – sleep. She needs obvious ‘clues’ that it’s time to sleep. If she was in a ‘safe room’ she would just play for hours through the night. We would have to clear the room of any furniture because Holly can’t walk so she gets around by crawling and pulling herself up on whatever she can find.”

Newlife offers a range of practical support services including Emergency Equipment Loans. Specialist beds, buggies, wheelchairs, seating and portable hoists are offered on six-month loans while the charity works with local statutory services to secure permanent provision. If that isn’t possible, equipment can be offered through Newlife Equipment Grants.

Pictured: Holly Welchman-Booth