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Ten-year-old Luka Woolley is sitting comfortably at home – thanks to leading UK children’s disability charity Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children.

Luka – from Norton near Malton in north Yorkshire – has Global Developmental Delay, learning difficulties and limited vision. She spends much of her day seated in either a rigid work seat or her wheelchair so when she gets home from school – Springhead, in Scarborough – she welcomes the opportunity to transfer to a specialist comfy chair that offers her proper postural support at the same time as keeping her safe.

However, Luka had outgrown her previous chair and the cost of a replacement – £1,908 – prompted mum Ginny Woolley to turn to Newlife for help.

Ginny said: “Safety is our main concern as Luka has no awareness of danger, so having a specialist comfy chair has become vital to family life.”

Luka has now been provided with the new equipment. Newlife lead nurse Karen Dobson said: “The bigger chair will enable Luka to relax whilst still receiving the postural support which will help prevent long-term complications to her hips, spine and limbs from developing.”

Ginny added: “It is absolutely fabulous – she loves it; and it is Luka’s safe place – she can even snooze in it without us having to worry about her safety. She is very comfortable in the chair, which keeps her in a good position, and it has even enabled Luka to relax out in the garden.”

Newlife has provided £108,769 of specialist equipment for 125 children across North Yorkshire. But the charity is experiencing hugely increased demands on its resources; calls to the Newlife Nurse helpline – 0800 902 0095 – have shot up by 81 per cent, with thousands more hits on the charity’s website

Newlife CEO Sheila Brown, OBE, said: “Because of the huge demand, we are calling on ‘local heroes’ to help us raise money to fund equipment. Newlife guarantees that 100 per cent of any gift or donation will go directly to disabled children in north Yorkshire.”

If you think you can help, the Newlife Community Fundraising Team can be contacted on freephone 0800 988 4640. Any individual or organisation thinking of running a fundraising event is asked to contact the team, who can offer support and guidance.

Pictured: Luka Woolley in her new comfortable seating.

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