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When Samuel Wheatley-Hunt was six weeks old, an MRI scan revealed that the left front lobe of his brain was underdeveloped. This means the six-year-old can’t walk or even stand, which could affect his health. A standing frame could help change his life.

A specialist standing frame could help develop Samuel’s muscles and improve his digestion and circulation. His physiotherapist has recommended this equipment for him – so he can use it at school and at home – but there is no money in local statutory budgets to pay for it.

Samuel’s mum Natasha Wheatley-Hunt, from Broadway in Worcestershire, says: “He is only allowed a certain amount of equipment – and he’s already had his quota. But it’s really important he gets a standing frame. Being able to stand helps him develop natural movement and teaches his muscles to bear his own body weight. The standing frame would also help him feel more complete as a person and included in what’s going on around him instead of having to sit down all the time.”

With the equipment costing £2,758, Natasha turned to Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children. Newlife – the largest UK charity providing specialist equipment – had previously given Samuel a specialist car seat to keep him fully supported and safe in the family vehicle.

Newlife Head of Operations Stephen Morgan says: “The UK has more disabled children than ever before and it’s an outrage that mums and dads have to battle local services for help and equipment – and yet still they face heart-breaking refusals.

“Newlife saves lives and changes lives every day in the UK. But we can’t do this alone.”

If you think you could help Samuel, go to and click on the Donate button next to his story. Alternatively, contact the Newlife Supporter Relations Team on 01543 462777 or email

Any money raised over and above what is needed for Samuel will be used to provide specialist equipment for other disabled and terminally ill children in Worcestershire. Stephen Morgan added: “Every penny you give will genuinely be used to change young lives.”

Pictured: Samuel Wheatley-Hunt