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Knitting group, Community Hooks and Needles, from Stifford Clays, near Grays, have been busy knitting to help raise money for Newlife Foundation.

Community Hooks and Needles, started by community builder Teresa O’Keefe, has approximately 20 to 30 members which meet once a week at Headon Hall. They have a diverse group and have knitted Newlife nurses, knitted and crochet animals, clothes and blankets.

Lisa Davies, member of Community Hooks and Needles, said: “The group was started as a result of ideas from the local community and Teresa found the hall and advertised the group on social media sites. I had the idea to find a charity that we could send things that people make to, as we had a few members who were learning new skills. When I spoke to the group, we decided that every three months we’ll choose a different charity to make things for. We chose Newlife as our first charity to support.”

We are calling for all crafters to use their skills – stitching, knitting, sticking, cutting, creating, decorating and more – to help us help real children in need! If you would like to ‘get crafty’, email

Click here to see the other various ways you can volunteer your time to help raise money for Newlife Foundation, or call 01543 431 444. Click here for more information about holding a sparkle party.

Pictured: Community Hooks and Needles knitting group