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The National Child Health Care Conference

Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children will be attending The National Child Health Care Conference taking place on 25-26 March 2011 at the Telford International Centre. The conference will offer an invaluable means of communicating on face to face basis with practitioners and key influencers working at ground level with children and families. A broad range of clinical and public health topics central to today’s practice will be discussed, including the promotion of emotional wellbeing in families, nutrition, obesity and behavioural problems, and will be reflective of the Healthy Child Programme. The conference will also be attended by representatives of the commercial, professional, statutory, and voluntary and education sectors. Additionally the conference will have a training zone to provide access to more formalised training opportunities available elsewhere for the workforce The National Child Health Conference is a new initiative, launched off the back of Profile Productions’ 35 years experience hosting the hugely successful Regional Child Healthcare Conferences and Exhibitions. The conference will be of educational value to all those promoting child health in the community. These include those working in the NHS, local authority in Children’s Centres, and many in the voluntary sector. Health Professionals can register at …

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