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Ten runners have between them raised more than £4,000 to help disabled and terminally ill children in the neighbouring counties of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

The ‘Top Ten’ took part in the 2012 Adidas Half-Marathon at Silverstone racetrack in Northamptonshire earlier this month (March).

Newlife Fundraising Manager Nora Smith said: “We are grateful to all the runners who entered this event to raise money for the charity. This is an established half-marathon in the national running calendar and all the competitors invested a lot of time and effort into training for it. The end result is a significant sum of money which will help Newlife transform real lives.”

If anyone is interested in supporting the charity in a similar way, call the Newlife Community Fundraising team on 01543 462 777 or 0800 988 4640, or go to: for details.

The Adidas Half-Marathon runners were: Alan Gates, Kam Singh, Jane Douglas, Tim Joaquim, Josie Weller, Steve Durning, Richard Kirk, Bradley Saunders, Ryan Basterfield and Jake Lawley.

Pictured: Jane Douglas, Ryan Basterfield, Jake Lawley and Bradley Saunders.


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