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A disabled children’s charity is urgently calling on individuals, groups and businesses in Lancashire to raise desperately needed money to help children in the region deprived of life changing specialist equipment.

Newlife is the UK’s largest charity providing specialist equipment to disabled and terminally ill children, helping to reduce the pain and suffering of thousands every year.

Ian Fraser, Head of Fundraising for Newlife said: “Latest figures show there are now over 125,000 disabled children across the North West, 15 per cent more than the last year.

“More demand for specialist support and equipment is putting extreme pressure on an already struggling NHS.  A growing number of families have no choice but to turn to charities like Newlife because their local health or social care services refuse to help or have to endure unbearably long waiting times.

Three-year-old Dylan Blundell from Bamber Bridge, near Preston, is one of those children.

Dylan wakes up to 20 times a night, banging his head so hard he had a permanent lump.

A genetic condition means Dylan can’t speak and has a high pain threshold so doesn’t even cry out. His parents, Jonathan and Aimee, applied to their local statutory services for a specialist bed, but were told it would take many months.

Recognising the urgent risk to Dylan, Newlife provided an emergency loan of a specialist high sided, padded bed to quickly prevent further injury. Newlife is the only charity providing emergency loans of specialist equipment for disabled or terminally ill children, often delivering the equipment within 72 hours.

Dad Jonathan said: “This bed has made a massive difference to all our lives. Although he’s banging his head on the sides, as they’re padded we know it won’t hurt him. He still wakes for a few hours at night, but not as much, so we can sleep more too.”

Ian Fraser continues: “We’re calling on individuals, groups and businesses in Lancashire to help children like Dylan so we can give them the specialist equipment they need and that has life changing impact.”

Right now Newlife has applications in from more than 25 families in Lancashire desperate for disability equipment for their children and needs to raise over £32,000 just to help them.

Ian added: “It’s heart-breaking, without enough funds we simply can’t help every child. With new applications coming in every day we’re calling on kind hearted individuals, community groups and businesses to help us help the growing numbers of disabled children in Lancashire.

“Fundraising for Newlife is simple. We have a dedicated team who’ll support you with ideas as well as providing the practical things you need to make your fundraising activities a success.

“So, whether you want to climb a mountain, take on a personal challenge, or simply bake some cakes – we’d love to hear from you.”

However you fundraise, Newlife can guarantee that 100% of the funds raised will be used to fund equipment for disabled children in desperate need. You could help a child just like Dylan.

For more information about Fundraising for Newlife in Lancashire contact Jane Harries, Newlife’s Regional Fundraising and Awareness Manager for the North West on 07494 490561. Alternatively, DONATE  via the website or contact Suzie or a member of the Fundraising team on 01543 462777.