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Disabled and terminally ill children across Hampshire are going without the life-changing specialist equipment they desperately need. Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children is currently working with 18 families in the county and is calling on the support of ‘local heroes’ to help transform young lives.

Together, the 18 children in Hampshire need equipment – including specialist wheelchairs, beds, buggies and car seats – totalling £41,373.

If you think you could make a difference, go to You can donate through the website or, alternatively, contact the Newlife Supporter Relations Team on 01543 462777 or email

Newlife Head of Charity Operations Stephen Morgan said: “It’s an outrage that many families have to battle local services to get even basic help and equipment and yet still they face heart-breaking refusals. That’s why Newlife exists; we change lives across the UK every day. But we can’t do this alone – please help us to help disabled and terminally ill children in Hampshire.”

Children like two-year-old Juliette Tordoff from Baughurst. She is the latest of 482 children in Hampshire to receive vital equipment through Newlife.

Little Juliette has an undiagnosed neurological condition which affects her muscle tone and leaves her whole body floppy. She can’t sit without help and the only place she could relax at home during the day was on the family sofa – but this was causing her spine to curve.

Juliette urgently needed specialist seating – called a P-Pod – to give her the right support but local statutory services wouldn’t fund the £867 piece of equipment because they had already supplied a work chair. On the advice of Juliette’s occupational therapist, the family turned to Newlife which has now provided the comfort seating.

Mum Ellie Tordoff said: “Juliette absolutely loves it. She has already had several naps in it, which is the true test of comfort.”

The P-Pod provides all the additional postural support she needs to help prevent further problems with her back and means she can sit, pain-free, to play with her favourite toys – and even her younger brother Thomas who has just learned to walk.

Ellie added: “Juliette gets to use a P-Pod at her nursery, so we already knew this was the right seating for her. With her motor disorder progressing, it will continue to give her the support she needs for several years.”

Pictured: Juliette Tordoff