Volunteering at Newlife 

The many volunteers at Newlife play a vital role in the charity’s work, directly helping disabled children and their families across the UK to access the equipment and support they need.

Sue Blick is the new maternity cover Volunteer Recruitment and Support Officer at Newlife and has many years of experience working with vulnerable adults, children and families as well as the services that support them.

Sue has been involved with volunteers at Newlife for the past 13 years,  and has seen for herself just how much volunteers enjoy helping in the Opportunity Centre, which is based at Newlife’s Cannock HQ in Staffordshire, where there are a wide variety of different tasks available – from helping to process stock for the charity’s ten stores or helping with the specialist toys that create the Play Therapy Pods.

There are many other retail volunteers across our stores. Sue knows how proud all the volunteers are to be contributing to helping disabled children and their families.

Many of the volunteers also get a huge amount from the experience too, feeling a part of a larger community, finding like-minded new friends and even developing skills that can help them re-enter the world of work.

Sue said: “I love this work and that we all make a difference together. Newlife provides a very different volunteering experience and it’s really important that volunteers know how much we value what they do.

“It’s a very exciting time as we are developing our Volunteer Offer, creating more opportunities across the business for people to help Newlife  –  and we would really love our families to be part of this, so watch this space for some great volunteering opportunities coming up in 2023!”