Corporate Partnerships

Consider a Partnership with Newlife

At Newlife, we understand the many forms corporate support can take. We have experience of partnering with organisations of all sizes and by understanding your organisational priorities, we can create bespoke, tailor-made solutions. We will ensure we deliver all the benefits of a corporate partnership for both parties and raise necessary funds to continue our work.

Newlife is a trusted long-term partner of hundreds of major retailers, manufacturers and brand holders in the UK and Europe.

Benefits of working with us

Research has shown that engaging staff through volunteering and fundraising activities can increase staff enthusiasm, motivation and engagement, resulting in higher productivity and staff retention whilst also increasing personal and professional skills. In addition, it can boost staff morale, especially knowing that raised funds and donations can go to local needs.

How we can work together with your company

What you’ll receive from us

  • Commitment to working with you in the most beneficial way possible to create a successful partnership with a strong legacy.
  • Raised funds spent exactly how you would like us to; we are transparent and can provide a clear audit trail for every donation received and how it is spent, with 100% of any donation going to the cause.
  • A dedicated account manager and fundraising team to assist you in any way required.
  • Professional support from our PR team to assist with press coverage to recognise the good work you are doing in local communities and coverage in our own magazine, newsletters and website.
  • Fundraising materials, including collecting cans, buckets, leaflets, T-shirts, stickers, posters, balloons.
  • Various volunteering opportunities for staff, which can help with team-building and morale, such as events, sponsored challenges, our purpose-built Opportunity Centre and community initiatives such as sparkle parties, sales and fun runs.
  • Promotion to our own retail stores membership and opportunities to promote in our SuperStore.
Getting involved with Fundraising

What our partners say about us

“We are thrilled to be working with Newlife during our 2022-2023 Charity of the Year partnership. Our employees are excited to be organising and taking part in a variety of fundraising and volunteering opportunities throughout the 12 months, in order to support disabled children and their families. From employee bake sales to quizzes and sponsored walkathons to hamper raffles, we are delighted to be able to help make a difference with Newlife.”

Paragon Bank, Charity Committee

“Our partnership with Newlife has been extremely successful. As a community retailer and responsible business, it has been great to know that every penny raised as part of this charity campaign has gone to improve the lives of families in our trading area.”



Central England Co-operative, Chief Executive

“What really appeals about working with Newlife is that we can literally change children’s lives and the charity is able to identify particular children in need in the area. We have supported other charities but we’ve never really been able to pinpoint exactly where the money goes. Not only that but Newlife is unique in that 100 per cent of money raised goes directly to the children they help.”


HSBC, Regional Service Manager

Corporate support and collaboration is vital to Newlife and the families we help. Together, we can have a profound impact on the lives of children across the UK.


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