Volunteering that makes a real difference…

Volunteering for Newlife is an exciting and fulfilling opportunity. Not only can you gain new skills, confidence and experiences throughout your volunteering journey but you will also make a difference to the lives of disabled children and their families across the UK. By giving just a small amount of time to volunteering you can make a BIG difference to the life of a child. Newlife has plenty of different opportunities to offer and something suitable for all abilities, needs and ages.

corporate volunteer

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can download our application form here.

Simply fill out the form and email your interest to our volunteering team at volunteer@newlifecharity.co.uk

Corporate volunteer
Benefits of Volunteering

Find out what volunteering roles we offer…

You can volunteer in many different ways for Newlife, from de-labelling in our Opportunity Centre at Head Office, to volunteering in one of our retail stores across the UK.

Inductions and training are provided for all volunteer roles and Newlife will make sure you have all the support, materials and information you need for the task. We will pay pre-agreed out of pocket expenses and ensure you receive regular appreciation for your commitment.

Don’t forget, you can also volunteer in the community. Volunteers can help to plan and deliver local fundraising activities such as Bag Packs at supermarkets, local Bucket Collections, promote the charity and raise awareness by giving out leaflets or provide much valued support at a pre-organised event, such as being a marshal for a sporting event.

We can provide opportunities for volunteers on placements to support a recognised qualification. Newlife will provide the appropriate training for the voluntary opportunity and provide supervision while on site.

For more information, use our contact form below. Alternatively, call us on 01543 439927 or email volunteer@newlifecharity.co.uk

“Volunteering for this charity alongside my corporate team has been an incredible journey. It’s not just about what we’ve given, but the collective impact we’ve made. It’s proof that when businesses and communities come together, incredible things happen. NewLife has taught me so much more about the incredible work they do for families with disabled children and how they have changed their lives, giving some time to help out is our pleasure knowing how much of a difference NewLife makes to peoples lives.”

Sophie, QBE Foundation - Corporate Volunteer