Volunteering can make a real difference…

Volunteering can make a real difference to your own life and the lives of those around you. The Newlife Volunteer Programme offers a choice of worthwhile activities to suit all skill levels and time commitments. By giving just a little time you can make a BIG difference to the life of a special child. Whether you have a hectic schedule or a busy family life, with Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children you can help to make life better for children with disabilities at a time that suits you.

Benefits of Volunteering

Personal Benefits

Personal Benefits of Volunteering

  • Positive feelings from making a difference to the lives of others
  • Improved health & wellbeing
  • Receive certificates and awards
  • Feel valued and part of a team
  • Spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle
  • Gain confidence and self-esteem

Professional Benefits of Volunteering

  • Gaining new skills, knowledge and experience
  • Developing existing skills
  • Enhance your CV or ask us for a reference
  • Improving employment prospects
  • Using your professional skills and knowledge to benefit others
Social Benefits

Social Benefits of Volunteering

  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • A chance to socialise
  • Getting to know the local community
  • Feeling less isolated

What Can I Do?

Corporate/Group Volunteering

Corporate/Group Volunteering

Many people want to volunteer as a team or group. They can be employees from a particular company, members of a club or college or even just a group of friends or a family who would like to spend time together at a volunteer activity. Newlife is able to provide interesting group activities to meet any skill level or time commitment. Research shows that volunteering helps staff develop leadership, decision-making and negotiation skills. It can also help staff develop as individuals, boost morale and improve retention. At Newlife we can offer volunteering opportunities that enable our corporate volunteers to develop their skills and make a real difference in their local community.

Volunteering in the community

Volunteering in the community

Volunteers can help to plan and deliver local fundraising activities such as Bag Packs at supermarkets, local Bucket Collections, promote the charity and raise awareness by giving out leaflets or provide much valued support at a pre-organised event, such as being a marshal for a sporting event. You can even volunteer to raise funds from home, at work or in college. We have a school fundraising pack which can be incorporated into Primary School Numeracy or Art projects where children make their own collecting can, decorate it and help raise funds. Volunteers can contact their local schools to propose this idea and to send our schools pack. This has the added benefit of raising Newlife’s profile in the school and with parents and families. There are activities to suit all interests, abilities and time commitments. We can give you hundreds of fun ideas or you can be as creative as you like. Why not volunteer with friends, family, work colleagues or just make new friends!

Volunteering in our retail stores

Volunteering in our retail stores

Newlife stores are a unique retail recycling enterprise where we sell clothes and other goods donated by companies from across the UK and Europe. All profits are passed to the charity which supports thousands of children and families across the UK. If you want to gain valuable employment skills, improve your confidence, develop team spirit or just help out a great cause, you can by volunteering in our retail and warehouse centres. All our volunteers are well supported and there is something to suit all ability levels and time commitments. You don’t need any experience and there are no targets or expectations. Volunteers with additional needs are welcome to come along with a carer if required. You can gain valuable retail or merchandising experience in one of our six retail outlets: In Cannock we have our retail SuperStore, our Newlife at Home Store and our Market Place Store. We also have busy high street stores in Market Drayton, Uttoxeter and Heanor. There will be no cash handling or use of a till required, however customer interface and stock display/release/tidying is important. We also have stock processing centres in Cannock and Heanor where we process clothes and other goods donated by companies for resale in our retail stores. The processing centres are bright, clean and friendly and are ideal for any group looking for a shared volunteer activity.

Volunteering from home

Volunteering from home

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at home, which include processing jewellery, hosting Sparkle Parties or using your skills on our Get Crafty campaign. It’s up to you how much time you give and when you give it. There is no commitment to take on a particular volume of work and you can choose the type of roles that suit you. We also need people to spread the word by Virtual Volunteering using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and personal blogs to promote the activities and aims of Newlife.

Do you want to be a social media volunteer?

Volunteering as part of a qualification

Volunteering as part of a qualification

We can provide opportunities for volunteers on placements to support a recognised qualification. Newlife will provide the appropriate training for the voluntary opportunity and provide supervision while on site.

Head Office volunteering

Head Office volunteering

We are always keen to hear from skill specific volunteers. This includes qualified people such as health, social care, media and PR professionals who can use their skills, contacts or experiences in a voluntary capacity. This may include roles in our Care Services department, Public Relations and awareness/promotional roles. We also need volunteer support in our friendly Opportunity Centre in Cannock. The tasks include preparation of goods for sale in the Newlife stores, sorting of jewellery, refurbishment of specialist disability toys, processing of household items and working in a team environment. There are many personal and professional benefits to this role.

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Inductions and training are provided for all volunteer roles and Newlife will make sure you have all the support, materials and information you need for the task. At Newlife we are grateful for your time and enthusiasm and we will pay pre-agreed out of pocket expenses and ensure you receive regular appreciation for your commitment, including certificates, awards, and discounts on purchases at our retail stores.

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