We know that early intervention to equip disabled children at the right stage of their development is critical. So whether you are going it alone or joining in with family and friends you can make a difference today.

There are many different ways to fundraise for Newlife, from organising events in your local community, hosting something with friends and family, dressing up in your workplace or taking part in a challenge of lifetime.

We want to ensure every child with a disability has the chance to become the best they can be, that’s why we’re here to support our fantastic fundraisers every step of the way. Just drop us a message at fundraise@newlifecharity.co.uk


Dauood’s Story

Dauood, aged five from Bradford, has been diagnosed with autism disorder and severe learning difficulties, and is also waiting for a diagnosis of ADHD. He isn’t able to understand language and doesn’t respond to his own name. He also has no awareness of danger and will just run without stopping.

But now, thanks to the wheelchair, Dauood and his family can go wherever they need to without worry. Now they know Muhammed will be safe, wherever they go, which also prevents them from becoming isolated at home.

Mum said: “The wheelchair and it’s perfect. He loves sitting inside it and it allows us to take him places and keep him safe at the same time.”



Leia’s Story

Leia was born with a rare form of mitochondrial disease. As a result she has development delays, epilepsy, needs to be fed by tube, is deaf and has severe muscle weakness, similar to Cerebral Palsy, which means she is unable to sit without support or walk.

Until a kidney transplant a few months ago Leia also had kidney disease, but the donation of a kidney from her dad, Tom, happily means that this is no longer the case. However, with only a specialist structured functional seat like a high chair at home that she wouldn’t be able to tolerate, it meant she would have needed to stay in bed while she continued to recuperate – until they turned to us to provide a specialist supportive seat called a P Pod.