Corporate Social Responsibility

Working with Retail Partners


In a world where the public, shareholders and stakeholders all want companies to be environmentally sound and do business in the ‘right way’, working through Newlife delivers these aims, simply and effectively.

Newlife’s CSR Partnerships team lead on the relationship with retailers, manufacturers and brand holders. Through Newlife, both major and independent companies achieve vital parts of their Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, at little or no cost.

We also work with our partners’ Communications and Marketing teams to tell the world about their CSR commitments and the mutual benefits to both organisations.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with CSR activity, contact the Corporate Services team by emailing

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Retail Partners

We work with hundreds of retail partners across the UK, helping them save the planet & helping you save money…


Newlife Stores

Shopping at Newlife is good for the environment, and helps disabled children with every purchase made…