About Us

Newlife was founded 30 years ago to ensure that disabled and terminally ill children get the best possible start in life and have the opportunity to fulfil theory potential. 

Why Newlife Exists

Alongside dealing with their disability, the sad fact is that thousands of children don’t have the specialist equipment they really need to help them. As a result, children are missing out on life’s opportunities.

There are now 1.7 million disabled and terminally ill children in the UK. Thousands of them rely on Newlife to get the equipment they need, equipment that has often been refused by the statutory services or delays in provision mean that the child is at risk.

Newlife offers a lifeline for families, providing life-changing and life-saving equipment when and where its needed. Alongside equipment, we campaign to improve the outlook for disabled children and change lives. We support parents, work with health professionals and strive for a future where all disabled children get the equipment they need and deserve.


Our Vision

That every disabled or terminally ill child and their family, get: The equipment they depend on; the quality of life they deserve; the caring support they need and the chance to fulfil their potential.


Our Mission

Together we will make life better for disabled or terminally ill children and their families.


Our Values

Always compassionate and deserving of trust – in all we do.
Making things happen – for those we service.
Leading in our field – to make things better.
People at heart – every day.


Did you know?…

Approximately 70% of parents/carers have children living without required equipment

It costs around 3x more to raise a child with a disability than a child who is non-disabled

Over 90% of families we’ve helped said they wouldn’t have received their equipment without Newlife

Highlights Report

Download our latest Highlights Report to find out how we are helping thousands of disabled children and their families.

Newlife History

Birth Defects Foundation Formed

The Birth Defects Foundation was registered as a Charity, launching on March 13th in London. At that time our primary focus was supporting research related to the understanding, prevention and treatment of birth defects, as these were the UK’s biggest threat to child health.




Trading Company Set Up

The charity supported the setting up of a separate Trading company. This was to recycle and raise funds from the management of corporate products donated to the charity and processed by the registered recycling company – Birth Defects Trading Ltd.


So Much More Than Research

By this time our focus was much wider and we were not only funding Birth Defect Research, we had our national Nurse Helpline, our Equipment Grants Services and much more.




Name Change

We set aside the term BDF in our name to make it simpler for people to understand who we are and what we do. We became Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children. However, our research continues to focus on Birth Defects.


Newlife The Charity For Disabled Children

In December 2016, our Trading Company and Charity placed all their assets into the new registered charity called ‘Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children’, combining our focus and reducing the costs of running two separate organisations. Now all of our staff have one single focus, a single vision, mission and values. Together, with our supporters and volunteers, we aim to change children’s lives.
Why? Because if it was your child, you would want them to have the very best chance in life. Where funds allow, we want that too for the disabled and terminally ill children of today and by investing in research for the children of tomorrow.



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