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Elizabeth’s story

At aged three, doctors gave Elizabeth a working diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, a rare and heart-breaking neurological and development disorder which affects the way the brain develops. 

The condition is now affecting Elizabeth’s mobility and makes it much harder for her to go anywhere. But the specialised car seat and buggy she needed to give her and keep her pain free cost more than £7,000 – prompting Elizabeth’s mum, Heather, to turn to Newlife for help. Newlife were able to fund the equipment Elizabeth needed, making a lasting difference to the lives of her whole family.

Heather says: ““Having the right equipment to meet her needs right now has made such a big difference, helping her feel more comfortable and be in less pain – in fact she loves the buggy so much it has become her safe place wherever we are.”

Your donation makes a difference…

Your donation will go towards specialist, essential equipment which helps change the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK and provide the chance of a better future.