A Gift in your Will

Your Legacy, a Child’s Future

We have partnered with Guardian Angel, an online Will writing service, to provide our supporters with an easy way to write or update their Will from the comfort of their own home.

Who is Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel is an online Wills provider chosen by Newlife to help you write or update your Will online for free. There is no obligation to leave a gift to Newlife in your Will, but we hope you may consider it once you have taken care of your loved ones. A gift of just 1% from your Will can make 100% difference to disabled children who desperately need support.


How does the online service work?

You can write your Will online here by following a simple set of instructions.

Write your Will with Guardian Angel

If you would prefer to make your Will by telephone or in person, please call the Guardian Angel team directly on 0800 773 4014.

Leaving a legacy gift in your Will can help us to change a child’s life. Your gift could make a life-changing difference for future generations of children by helping to ensure they get the care and support they really need.



Types of Legacy

Residuary Gift - A share of your estate

Residuary Gift – A share of your estate

This is given as a percentage or share of your estate once all specific gifts, debts and expenses have been met. A residuary gift is particularly valuable because it maintains ‘real value’ in line with the rate of inflation. It’s a popular way to leave a legacy gift because it ensures your loved ones are taken care of and you don’t need to keep changing your Will as circumstances change.

Gift in Kind - A specific item

Gift in Kind – A specific item

This is a bequest of particular items or assets that are not in the form of money. This could be property, shares, works of art or other valuable items.

Monetary Gift - A specific sum

Monetary Gift – A specific sum

A gift for a specified sum of money (e.g. £5,000). As inflation rises and living costs increase, monetary gifts are subject to lose value and therefore you may wish to update this gift periodically or consult your solicitor on ways to protect the value of a gift of this kind.

How to Leave a Legacy Gift

Including a Legacy in a new Will

Including a Legacy in a new Will

We strongly advise that you consult a solicitor when making your Will, but we can provide a copy of our ‘suggested wording’ for guidance on how to include a gift.

Amending an existing Will to include a Legacy Gift

Monetary Gift – A specific sum

If you have already made your Will, the easiest way to include a gift is to use a Codicil Form. Then all you have to do is return it to your solicitor for it to be added to your Will.

We are proud of our guarantee that 100% of all funds raised are spent on the needs of disabled and terminally ill children. Not a penny is spent on anything else. You can even choose to help a child in your region.

Are you interested in leaving a legacy gift?

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